Privacy Policy & CCPA/GDPR Compliance


MAS, Inc. is committed to the protection of any personal information provided by you to MAS, Inc.

The MAS Privacy Policy applies to the collection, storage, use and dissemination by MAS, Inc. of your personal information ('Personal Information').

Access to the Works contained in the Site is conditional upon your approval of the Privacy Policy that forms part of the Terms and Conditions.

The Privacy Policy contains the following key elements:

  • Collection of Personal Information;
  • Storage and Security of Personal Information;
  • Use and Disclosure of Personal Information;
  • Access to Personal Information;
  • Children's Privacy;
  • Disclaimer; and
  • Contact MAS, Inc.

If you use the Site, you consent to the collection and use of Personal Information in accordance with the terms of the MAS Privacy Policy.

Collection of Personal Information

Personal Information is collected solely for identification, order processing, and shipping purposes.

MAS, Inc. may collect additional information (this may include your name, email address, shipping address, etc.) whenever necessary to carry out the functions offered by the different areas of the site that you access. MAS, Inc. will only collect this additional information that personally identifies you when required for shipping, order notification, or site announcement purposes.

No additional Personal Information is collected by using cookies, web beacons, or spotlight tags.

Storage and Security of Personal Information

MAS, Inc. will use reasonable endeavors to maintain the security of all Personal Information. MAS, Inc. requires staff and service providers to respect the confidentiality of Personal Information. However, due to the nature of the Internet, MAS, Inc. cannot guarantee that Personal Information will always be secure, either during its transmission to MAS, Inc. or from unauthorized access during storage.

To assist MAS, Inc. with protecting all Personal Information, we request that you contact MAS, Inc. immediately if you become aware, or have reason to believe of, any unauthorized use of Personal Information.

Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

Personal Information collected by MAS, Inc. will not be used for marketing purposes by MAS, Inc. nor will it be sold, distributed, or shared with any 3rd parties or partners of MAS, Inc. MAS will not sell, rent, release, disclose, disseminate, making available, transfer, or otherwise communicate by any means a consumer's personal information to another business or a third party for any reason, monetary or otherwise. Personal Information may be used by MAS, Inc. to make e-mail announcements that pertain to the specific program to which your Personal Information is associated. You have the option to opt out of these e-mails at any time by clicking the opt out link provided in the e-mail or by contacting Customer Service.

Access to Personal Information

You may select "My Account" when logged in to this site or contact MAS, Inc. to examine, amend or delete Personal Information. In keeping with the requirements of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and other privacy laws, your personal information will be deleted at your request if not covered by a necessary exemption. If applicable, any legal requirement on MAS, Inc. to maintain certain records will prevail over any of your requests.

Children's Privacy

Due to the requirements for credit card transactions and Personal Information collection laws, MAS, Inc. requires that all persons using this site to be over the age of 18 or accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times if under the age of 18. We will not gather any Personal Information from persons under the age of 18.


MAS, Inc. will only collect, use or disclose Personal Information in compliance with the Privacy Policy. However, any requirement by law or to protect the rights or property of MAS, Inc. or any third party, or to avoid injury to any person will supersede the terms of the Privacy Policy, if applicable.

Contact MAS, Inc.

If you have any queries regarding the Privacy Policy or would like to examine, amend or delete any of the Personal Information, please contact MAS, Inc.

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